Interior design changes from season to season just as much as the weather does. New fads take over the hearts and homes of millions, a few old ones try to make a comeback, and many more are quickly tossed out the window. The same holds true for your bathroom decor. A new year is a new chance to shed some new light on things with a beautiful lighted mirror. If you’re looking to spruce your home’s vibe up and wow visitors, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 2016’s newest bathroom trends:

Centerpiece mirrors

What would we do without mirrors? We are sure that no one could get by without one in the bathroom. One 2016 bathroom design trend is the growth of mirrors being featured as the centerpiece of the room. A beautiful lighted mirror that lights up, has a sleek and stylish design, and returns a crisp and clear reflection is exactly the right piece to make your bathroom wow visitors. Expect heads to turn!

Bathroom furnishings.

Your bathroom is only for getting cleaned up and ready for work or bed, right? Wrong. Well, at least in appearance. Aside from beautiful lighted mirrors, another major 2016 bathroom trend is the growth of bathroom furnishings. Many homeowners are treating theirs just like another room in the house. Adding in a sofa, small chair, cushy beanbag lounger, or even an end table will give your bathroom an extra cozy feel.

Euro invasion!

It’s hard not to notice the recent growth of all things French, German, or Scandinavian when it comes to home design. Just look at how some of the more traditional stylings that we’ve grown used to have gone out the window in favour of bright and wide open spaces, separate baths and showers, bright lighting, and simplistic designs. The Euro invasion is in full swing in 2016, at least in bathroom decor.

Home design is not a one-time thing. It’s a living process! Keeping up on the newest trends will help keep your home in style, and your guests wowed. 2016’s hottest bathroom design trends are a great mix of beautiful lighted bathroom mirrors, old world stylings, and cozy furniture. Make sure you get with the times!