The bathroom is far more important to home decor than you think. The right colour scheme or style could really take your home to the next level. The mirror you choose is by far one of the most important aspects of the bathroom. The question is how do you stick out from the crowd of boring and basic styles that dominate most bathrooms? Here are some bathroom mirror decorating ideas that help you stand out. It all starts with lighted bathroom mirrors.

Lighted bathroom mirrors!

A lighted bathroom mirror checks all the boxes – they are unique, practical, and beautiful. These stylish mirrors use fluorescent light, and other advanced technology to help shine a beautiful glow on your bathroom. They’re environmentally-friendly and the LED lights give you a crystal-clear image of yourself. Lighted mirrors automatically give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Want to stand out and make your bathroom look luxurious? Lighted mirrors are a good start.

Unique shapes or designs

There’s nothing wrong with a normal, run-of-the-mill mirror, but what about branching out to a mirror with a unique shape or design? We are sure that your guests have rarely seen a square mirror with lights on either side, or an oval mirror with a string of lights around the edge. You’ll find tons of mirrors with awesome designs, and a little bit of searching goes a long way!

Add some signage

Sometimes the best mirror ideas don’t involve the mirror at all! How about using the space around it to add a nice ambiance? We recommend positive signage to frame the mirror right. Signs about loving life, living things to the fullest, or even tongue-in-cheek quotes about how vain we are will really add a great feel to any mirror space. Getting ready in the morning would be made all the better when you have positive reinforcement!

The mirror is central to bathroom design. Get it right and the room will look spacious, well lit, and gorgeous. Get it wrong and you might ruin the whole room. A good place to start for unique bathroom mirror decorating ideas is with a lighted bathroom mirror, and from there try a great shape or unique sign to really add some flair!