How to Choose the Right Illuminated Mirror For Your Bathroom

Illuminated mirrors are the perfect finishing touch on your bathroom, but how do you know which one to get? Mirrors play a big role in your life, and they also have a lot of influence over ambiance and energy, especially when they can light up. That means you need to get right one or else you’ve wasted a great opportunity! Here are a few tips on how to choose the right illuminated mirror for your bathroom.

Location is key

Nothing helps bring out the best in your bathroom like the right location. Just like how placing a business in the right area matters, so too does placing a mirror. Position your illuminated mirror opposite windows if you can. Make sure not to put it near any major fixtures like the shower or toilet, and don’t let it reflect the unsightly things in the room. Once you’ve chosen the location, you can easily determine the right size and feel. Start shopping with the best location in mind. That will make choosing the right mirror simple.

One size does not fit all

Size matters when it comes to illuminated mirrors. Just think about the difference between having one that is large enough to get a great picture of yourself in and one where you’re struggling to see the details. Illuminated mirrors come with great lighting to help you get the real look and feel for your appearance, but if you don’t have enough space there is nothing you can do.

Consider how much you use it. Do you spend hours applying makeup and enjoy trying different looks? Then maybe you’ll want a bigger one. Only use it when getting ready for work and bed? Downsize a bit. Make sure to match it up with the size of the sink or the vanity, too.

Choose your style and features

Illuminated mirrors are available in many styles and come with some awesome extra features. The thing is you need to know which features and style you’ll want. Some may have better lighting and others may have more modern energy options. Consider one with energy-saving LED bulbs if you use it a lot. There are plenty of things to consider on that front. After that, decide if you want a more sleek and modern look or perhaps a more rounded, classic look for your bathroom.

Knowing how to choose the right illuminated mirror for your bathroom will make browsing a more enjoyable and fruitful experience! Head over to our store and find the perfect illuminated mirror for your bathroom today!